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We have plenty of information about the Fife area, especially Aberdour.

Aberdour castle

In the middle of Aberdour village is Aberdour castle. First built in the 1200s by the family de Mortimer until 1325 when King Robert the Bruce offered the lands to the Earl of Moray and ultimately passed it to the Douglasses. Eventually in the 1900s it was left after fire damage. It now remains as a half ruin (the central tower fell off though can still see part of the main tower on its side). The half still intact, including the main hall, is roofed with instances of modern furniture inside.

Other things to see include the cellar under the remains of the main tower, the castle well, the stables under the main hall and in the grounds there are the walled garden and an unusual 16th century beehive shaped dovecote. And while the children rampage around the castle the parents can enjoy a coffee and cake from the castle coffee shop either inside or, if the weather is clement, outside on the terraced garden. The castle is protected for the nation by Historic Scotland. Standing next to the castle is the village church of the 1100s.

St Fillan's church

Constructed some time before 1123 the Aberdours' St. Fillan's church is a great example of Norman building and contains a pre-reformation church bell, a bible dated from the early seventeenth century and stunning original stained glass window. King Robert the Bruce is said to have thanked the gods for his victory at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314 here. The church fell into disrepair in the late eighteenth century but was restored and re-dedicated in the early twentieth century and still functions as a place of worship these days.

Fife Community - Freuchie church news 31 may 10

Freuchie church news 31 may 10
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