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Discover the Kingdom of Fife

Many people believe that the Kingdom of Fife is an island and therefore assume it's challenging to get to. This isn't true, it lies on a peninsula, so it's a shame that visitors are missing out on a glorious part of Scotland. This blog details what can be found in Fife, with an emphasis on history and its relationship with the sea. Several castles can be found in the area, alongside stone circles and country houses. Others may be interested in learning about the home of golf, St Andrews, in the eastern part of Fife.

Have Fun at the Burntisland Highland Games

27 Mar 2021

Any time you want, you may explore the former royal burgh of Burntisland. If your visit is in summer, why not have fun at the parish's epic Highland Games? After watching the Highland Games with the whole village, check out Rossend Castle and The Binn.

What Makes Fife So Famous?

7 Mar 2021

With at least 40 courses to its name, Fife holds a considerable reputation as the kingdom of golf, and it is known to draw players from all over the world. It harbors St. Andrews, which is widely regarded as being synonymous with golf.

St. Andrews Cathedral: A Perfect Site for Churches and History

3 Feb 2021

On a rocky highland overlooking the small beach named Castle Sands and the North Sea is St Andrews Cathedral. Have a penchant for churches and history? How about ruins and old gravestones? Then this is the place for you!